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Hire the drop shipping expertise you need

Connect with Shopify experts for free today, so you can grow your business for tomorrow.

What Is DropShipping?

In DropShipping, our team will create your entire business using social media ads that doesn't require any inventory. We list orders on eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Etc. without actually having inventory. Once we get orders for the products, our trustworthy suppliers with substantially low shipping times will ship the product directly to the customer. You never have to see or touch any inventory


No Inventory Risk

This model is attractive to clients who are not comfortable with taking on too much inventory risk. We only order products after we have sales for them and every product is ordered on a credit card or American Express card, so the higher your credit limit, the higher we can scale your business.


Guaranteed Low Shipping Times

We have contracts with a few suppliers that has thousands of products from different niches.

This guarantees the fastest shipping times, best product packaging & excellent customer service so we are never in the dark from where our products are coming from. US Tracking is usually handed out a day after ordering for your customers.


Safe & Secure

RouillardMedia remains one of the only E-commerce Agencies that accepts payment via Venmo, PayPal, Crypto & through our 2Checkout secure portal. 2Checkout is a payment processor that offers a variety of solutions for e-commerce businesses. With 2Checkout, you can easily accept online payments from all over the world. We accept all major credit card as well so you can always pay with confidence. Before initiating any form of payment, both parties sign a Client Service Agreement clearly outlining our responsibilities to your business and more.

What Can A DropShipping Expert Do For You?

What Can We Do?

Drop Shipping StartUp

No need to go through the struggles of starting up a drop shipping business alone. Our experts are here to establish your next venture in no time.

Research Drop Ship Suppliers

Get a drop shipping expert to research and reach out to our list of suppliers that ship within 2-4 days! Don't make your customers wait months!

Drop Shipping Management

Hire a drop shipping expert to manage all operations of your online store. This individual will have extensive experience running drop shipping eCommerce stores.

Create Drop Shipping Relationships

Hire RouillardMedia to scale your store’s growth by adding more suppliers, listing more products, and keeping current products profitable.



You Don't Have To Be "Rich" To Start A Business.

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