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E-Commerce Grows Roughly 11% Year-Over-Year.

Nearly 30% Of Americans are Self-Employed, What's Stopping You?

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Creating a brand is important for a company to be scaled. Good branding elevates a business, builds recognition and loyalty.  Customers are attracted to brands that share similar values with them.

User-interface(UI) design

We focus on the looks and styles of your website for user interaction. Websites get 90% more interaction with a simple yet stylish pages.

SEO Optimization

No matter which plan your choose, we ALWAYS provide SEO optimization. It's a key factor when people are googling your company.


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some of our projects

PROJECT BaggedGifts


Founded by Joshua Rouillard in 2019 and sold off in 2021. A successful dropshipping brand using trendy/hot products from 2019 established it's name on Etsy and branched off into it's own website. Raking in over $30,000 within the first couple months of opening using strictly Facebook Ads & Snapchat Ads. RouillardMedia created BaggedGifts to make it easier for guys to shop for their girlfriends on any holiday. It's now under new management and RouillardMedia doesn't take any part of it.



SureOptix didn't have a proper Shopify website made until RouillardMedia came around! We built an astonishing website with full SEO implementation and manage their social media. Currently an ongoing project and an upcoming Los Angeles, California brand for dentists and surgeons. SureOptix has our full package deal; Web Development, Social Media Management, & Facebook Ads Management.